A Discussion with Maxime Bernier…

Published with permission, a letter from Tanya Gaw.

Publisher’s Note: Our Secretary first met Tanya a year ago when she attended the Anti-Trudeau protest in Vancouver. Tanya has a reputation for working tirelessly for what she believes in.

The opinions expressed within this article are those of the author.

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Dear Friends,    

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Maxime Bernier on Friday to discuss several issues of deep concern to Canadians…. to those Canadians referred to as the ‘grassroots’ or ‘far right conservatives’…among other names.       

We discussed topics considered to be too risky to be addressed by the Liberals, NDP and even the Conservatives because they deal with issues related to the serious moral decline of this Nation.  I was grateful Mr. Bernier was more than willing to listen to my presentation as I appealed to him on behalf of 100’s of thousands of Canadians and sought to call for greater action based on a deeper level of understanding.    

Mr. Bernier listened intently and gave me his full attention.  We only had a brief time to meet so I provided him with a package detailing the concerns for his later review.     The package (see below for .pdf) contained information covering 4 topics near and dear to our hearts… multiculturalism (specifically the growing threat of Political Islam and also the threat against our National Sovereignty), Abortion, Gender Fluidity (the UN and the Federal Gov’ts roll in the sex ed resource) and Cannabis legalization (provided the petition w/54,000 signatures and addressed the further risk to children with the upcoming legalization of edibles).    

Some very important details came up on each topic, one example is as follows.    

Mr. Bernier was unaware of the depth of the Federal Gov’ts, and that of the UN’s, involvement behind the school sex ed resource….and was interested to learn more, such as… Health Canada in 2010 produced two documents supporting the current lgbtq agenda moving into our education system;  ‘Gender Identity in Schools’ and  ‘Sexual Orientation in Schools’.    

So far the Federal gov’t has insisted this is a Provincial matter… however, due to Health Canada’s involvement and that of the UN it would appear steps must also be taken Federally to reverse the harmful effects being experienced by our youth and the assault against the structure of the natural family and parental rights (Family….the cornerstone of a healthy, thriving, society).    

Mr. Bernier confirmed his commitment to allow a Bill to be presented before the House to finally allow a vote on the matter of abortion (please see attached details).  Laura Lynn has committed to this and Mr. Bernier welcomes it because he values democracy.    

Article 65 in the Conservative party’s policy book states that a Conservative government “will not support any legislation to regulate abortion”. The Conservative party refuses free vote on matters of conscience.    

At the last Conservative Party Policy Convention Andrew Scheer reportedly took steps to ensure the vote to delete Article 65 would be defeated . It is reported by the President of Campaign Life Coalition, Jeff Gunnarson, that mere minutes before the vote Mr. Scheer sent a memo to his MPs stating “that he would not re-open the abortion debate even if delegates voted to delete 65”.    

As many of you are aware Mr. Bernier has marched in the Pride parade and voted in favour of Bill C-16 (transgender bill) …but… has since had a conversation with Jordan Petersen which dramatically changed his point of view.  Mr. Bernier has apologized for voting for Bill C-16 and has committed to revoking it.     

Thousands of Canadians are volunteering their time and have developed organizations which are actively working to protect Canadian sovereignty and defend children and families.  I provided Mr. Bernier a list of some of these organizations who are working tirelessly and included the number of members.  It was an impressive list and reflected a group so large in number but lacking in any substantial support or representation from elected officials.      

What it all boils down to is that we need leadership who not only recognizes the benefits of a balanced budget but equally acknowledges the importance of a moral society and is willing to take a stand for it.  To stand for truth and justice.    

I am not trying to sway anyone’s vote one way or the other I’m just presenting information as I receive it.  Many attempts have been made to have a dialogue with Mr. Scheer but to no avail.    

I am very grateful to have Mr. Bernier’s ear for such a brief, but impactful, time.    

I encourage you all to continue to investigate the Parties and learn more about their platforms and be prepared to vote based on your personal convictions.    

Laura Lynn and Mr. Bernier also did an interview with the Rebel Media and it was so encouraging to hear the genuine and honest answers that were given by each of them.  


Also…there is a matter which must be clarified… a recent report is being spread accusing Mr. Bernier’s new executive director of being associated with George Soros and the Tides Foundation and the same author of this smear campaign is suggesting Mr. Bernier has a socialist agenda.  These accusations are false.    

I addressed this matter directly with Mr. Bernier and he immediately and sincerely assured me these are lies and an attack from his opponents who have concerns over the PPC’s growing success.    

I advised Mr. Bernier as well that questions remained over the $350,000.00 received when he launched his campaign, as there are those claiming it came from the Liberals or Soros.  Mr. Bernier unequivocally confirmed the money was raised by his campaign through donations made through fundraising.    

My take away from this meeting was that Mr. Bernier appeared to appreciate the rising voice of the silent majority and acknowledges the values and principles currently lacking in our society and appears to be embracing the importance of traditional values.  There seems to be a significant shift taking place and time will tell just how deeply those convictions go.     

Please share the attached information to help build awareness for those who still struggle to understand how relevant these issues are to the future health and well-being of this country.   God Bless Canada!    

Thank you,    

Tanya Gaw      

PDF Package Files:


Sexual Education


Repeal Cannabis Legalization