Our Party

The People’s Party of Canada will fight for the same fundamental values that Maxime Bernier put forward during his leadership campaign last year: Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.

We don’t believe that government intervention is a solution for everything. Government should not intervene to solve each and every problem on the road to a utopian and unrealistic vision of society.

We want smaller government because we support individual freedom and personal responsibility. We have faith in people. We have faith that they have the ability, the dignity and the right to make their own decisions and determine their own destiny.

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Our Leader

Maxime Bernier is known as a dependable politician who speaks his mind. A man of ideas, his belief in personal responsibility and freedom is at the heart of his political vision. In his public statements, he expresses those values and his unwavering commitment to reducing the size of government.

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Our Association

Our association provides the grassroots energy needed to support the People's Party of Canada in the electoral district of North Island-Powell River.

Campaigning, fundraising, or becoming a candidate for office, if you are interested in becoming an active participant in the political process the best place to start is right here.

Now is the perfect time to find out how you can make a positive change in your community with the People's Party of Canada.

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Kin Beach Provincial Park

June 29th: 1p.m. - 6p.m.